The Apothecary & The Carpenter’s Son by Johannes T. Evans

Welcome to Short Fiction Friday! Most Fridays, Black Forest Basilisks will be shining a spotlight on a new short story, novelette, or flash fic in addition to our regular posts. These stories will usually be available for free online, but occasionally stories from published anthologies will also be featured. 

This story is available online for free at: Twitter – Click through to read!


Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t quite manage to keep yourself sufficiently focused to read anything longer than 280 character chunks? Because I am sure having one of those days today. I flitted through the stories on offer from Uncanny, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clarkesworld… but my eyes kept drifting.

Then, I remembered – tweetfic exists, and Johannes T. Evans has done some LOVELY stories in that format. And even if a paragraph is too much for my poor, sleepy brain, a tweet thread will be perfectly fine. And thus, here we are.

This particular microfiction is a short, sweet love story between a talkative, caring carpenter’s son and a nonverbal apothecary. Each day, the carpenter’s son visits the taciturn apothecary to pick up ointments and remedies for his father. Each day, he grows slightly more attached to the friendly, hardworking man.

For those not fond of the tweetfic format, Evans has also adapted this story into a full prose format on Medium.

Past featured short stories can be viewed here.

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About the Author

My name is Johannes Evans, and I write all kinds of fantasy fiction. I recently self-published my first book, an 18th-century romantic fantasy, Heart of Stone, and the plan is to work on more and more stories moving forward!

This Patreon is just intended for those who want to give me a bit of extra support as I work as a tip jar – my goal is eventually to support myself with the works I create, and I’d love to spread as much joy as possible in the process!

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2 thoughts on “The Apothecary & The Carpenter’s Son by Johannes T. Evans

  1. You’re right that some fifteen pages of a short story can feel like work. But I found that even shorter works are not my piece of cake. And that format with Twitter doesn’t help. Sorry, I‘ll pass.


    1. The full prose version, which is of normal short story length, is linked at the bottom! And it’s sometimes less “feeling like work” and more that I’m just not in a spot where I have the attention span to properly reading anything lengthy.

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