Review Requests

It is fairly rare that I take on review requests, but don’t let that dissuade you from reaching out! If your book looks like it will be a good fit for me, I would love to hear about it. I tend to enjoy novels that are character-focused with lush, poetic prose. If they’re a bit off the beaten path in terms of structure and content, even better. Found families, deep friendships, and fantasy romance also appeal. Generally speaking, I do not enjoy grimdark and am unlikely to take on a book billed as such.

I tend to receive many review requests, and I typically am not able to respond to all of them individually – especially if the request has a mass-email or copy/paste feel to it. My apologies; if you do not hear back from me within a week, please assume that I am not able to take on your book at this time. I appreciate your understanding.

Interviews, Cover Reveals, and Blog Tours

My policies regarding interviews, cover reveals, and blog tours are similar to my review request policies. Please note that I am unlikely to accept a request to participate in any of the above if I have never read a book by that author before, as I am uncomfortable providing unpaid promotional services for books when I cannot personally vouch for their quality or for the author’s past record.

Business Inquiries

If you are looking to inquire about sensitivity reading or consulting, please use the form on my sensitivity reading information page.

I also work as personal / publicity assistant for various authors and independent presses. Learn about authors I work with. If you are an author or independent press interested in hearing more about what kind of services I can provide, please feel free to use the form below. I currently have bandwidth to take on one additional author or press.

Other Queries

If your question does not fit into any of the above categories, please feel free to reach out using this contact form and give a brief overview of your needs. If it is something I can help you with, I will get back to you as soon as possible.