My Favorite Books

While poring through reviews is a perfectly valid strategy for finding new books, sometimes it’s nice to have them served up in a neat and tidy list for your perusal. These categories link to my themed lists on, a site dedicated to supporting local, independent bookstores as an alternative to Amazon. I receive a small affiliate bonus for sales made through my shop.

Short ‘n Sweet! There’s a certain satisfaction being able to casually pick up and finish a book in a single afternoon.

There’s a fantasy for everyone out there. How do ships made from dragon bones sound? Or maybe angry, suffragist witches are more your speed?

Slow, thoughtful, and hopeful books. I love being able to cozy in with one of these on a rainy day to visit new (and old!) friends.

Everything from time travel to alt history to space opera here! We’ve also got some science fantasy crossover featured here.

These books are just a bucket of fun. They’re not here to be literary. They’re not here to be deep. They’re here to have a damn good time.

Some books defy all our attempts at caging them in. Get your dose of the strange and weird here. What’s genre, precious?

If you’d prefer to support someone other than me on Bookshop, here are a few other storefronts I recommend!

Opened since 1998, the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe & Bar is a New York downtown institution. Though we are closed at the moment due to COVID-19, usually our store is primarily staffed by our wonderful volunteers and our books, music, and movies are donated. We are also a public and private event space (though public events are on hold at this time). 100% of proceeds support Housing Works’ lifesaving services for homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mary Robinette Kowal’s bookshop features not only her books, but also some of the nonfiction novels she used for researching her Lady Astronaut series. She also has a list of books that she’s read, loved, and highly recommends. If you’re looking to purchase the Lady Astronaut series or The Glamourist Series, you can get them personalized through her local bookstore, Parnassus Books.

An independent bookstore in the heart of Western Queens, operating since 2013. This is my local independent bookstore! They have a wide variety of SFF, and host many excellent author events. Check their calendar if you’re ever in the NYC area.