Complete Book Summaries of Will Wight’s Cradle Series

Just a couple weeks ago, Will Wight released the latest book in the Cradle series, Bloodline! Given that the Cradle series is growing longer and longer, I thought I might help the good folks out who don’t want to reread all the books every single time a new one drops.

To that end, I’ve written summaries of each of the Cradle novels to date!

You can pick your poison – do you want a lengthy, detailed summary with a full play by play of events? Or would you prefer just a handful of paragraphs, a nice quick summary? Whatever your heart desires, I’ve got you covered. You can choose between either the shorter, more concise recaps I’ve written, or jump into a much more in depth description of what occurred. I will apologize in advance – I started to get a tad bit burnt out by the end, so there may be a few typos or abbreviations in the last three detailed summaries. The quick summaries are all polished up and ready for you, however!

Here is a a link to the permanent Cradle summaries directory. Alternatively, just scroll down a little ways – all the summaries are linked below as well.

I’ve also just finished up Bloodline this weekend! While I won’t be summarizing it until the next release is announced, I’m really excited to hear what you all think of it. There are quite a few dangling storylines wrapped up, and just as many new ideas put into play for future novels.

Happy reading, friends! If you enjoy these summaries, they were actually quite labor intensive to put together. If you’re so inclined, I do have a ko-fi account set up to receive tips for my writing. No pressure, of course, as I didn’t write these with the intent of making money off them, but every little thing is appreciated!


Volume 1 of Cradle, by Will Wight

Quick Summary

Detailed Summary

Review (No Spoilers)


Volume 2 of Cradle, by Will Wight

Quick Summary

Detailed Summary

Review (No Spoilers)


Volume 8 of Cradle, by Will Wight

Quick Summary

Detailed Summary


Volume 9 of Cradle, by Will Wight

The Summary of Bloodline will be released in the weeks prior to Volume 10’s publication date. Stay tuned!

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