Dragon Tamer by Ophelia Silk

Dragon Tamer is irreverent, light-hearted, and a joy to read. It’s everything I want from a cute fantasy romance. It even has puns in it! Really dumb ones! The BEST ones. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and the whole book is better for it. The main pairing is a bookish dragon prince devoted to pacifism and an extremely fighty Viking-esque himbo lady who’s got some really impressive muscles. AND THEY ADOPT A MAGIC PUPPY TOGETHER. … More Dragon Tamer by Ophelia Silk

Where The Waters Turn Black by Benedict Patrick

In a world where magic is mundane and allows exceptional skill at everyday tasks, a young girl who’s still seeking her Knack befriends a fabled sea monster…. and in doing so becomes the enemy of the society she desperately wishes to be a part of. Kaimana may triumph and save her friend while also finding her place in the world, or she may be torn in two trying to salvage her hopes and dreams from destruction. … More Where The Waters Turn Black by Benedict Patrick